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Espero por ti...sempre!

Espero por ti...sempre!



" And I Love You So..."


“ For it was not into my

  ear you whispered,

  but into my heart.

  It was not my lips you kissed,

  but my soul. "


" True love means:

   to feel someone in every heartbeat,

   to find someone in every thought...

   to see someone with closed eyes...

   and to miss someone without any reason...

   Love knows no limit to its endurance,

   no end to its trust...

   no fading of its hope…

   it can outlast anything

   Love stands still when all else has fallen…

   A sense of caring for someone

   is the best driving force to love…

   because when you have a reason for love,

   you will never have a reason to quite…

   Love is an amazing feeling

   that sets deep in your heart…

   for a very special person

   that you cannot shake off

   no matter what they have done.

   You can close your eyes

   to things you don’t want to see,

   but you can never close your heart

   to things you don’t want to feel… “




   " And I Love You so..."