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Espero por ti...sempre!

Espero por ti...sempre!


 Wishing for your naughty hugs...


I thank you for your friendship,

  a treasure.

When you kiss me softly,

  I caress you tenderly...

My soul sizzles when we kiss...

  and my heart tingles when we hug

When we cuddle I feel happy...

I hold you tight and

  hug you with all my might.

You make bright my day.

You warm my heart because

  you are a gift for him.

My love for you…

  how can i measure it ?

  In the number of his beats?

  or in the number of smiles

  you brought do my lips?

Or I can’t mesure it at all…

  because my love

  for you is so deep.

I love your music because

  she is like the music

  of your voice and words in my ears...

I love you with all my heart and soul

The words you say

  have all your kindness

  and i like it so much

I wish for you, across the time,

  peace, joy, success,

  health and blessings.

Stars light and bright…

  you are a star I see all nights.

Longing for your touch,

  fatally attracted to you

Wishing for your naughty hugs...

Craving for your hugs…

  yearning to hold you close

I will love you for the rest of our lifes.

I dream about you and

  I hold you tight…

  and hug you every nights




Beth Hart - With You Everyday